Electrical Insulating Materials and Connections Insulation

Tagliatubetti SP101 Tagliatubetti SP101The SP-101 Cutting Machine has been developed and designed to answer to any need coming from different manufacturing process. SP-101 is able to cut a wide range of materials as tubes, cables and insulating materials.
Cappucci e tubetti Cappucci e tubettiCastech CAPS are made of two layers of electric insulating materials, welded on three sides using ultrasound. The ultrasound welded CAPS have high electric features, they assure high resistance to punching even where, to compact the head, the shaping is vigorous.
Isolanti Elettrici flessibili Isolanti Elettrici flessibiliAmpia gamma di isolanti elettrici flessibili, per applicazione su motori elettrici, trasformatori, pompe, reattanze, induttanze, bonine ecc.
Nastratrice ESN4 Nastratrice ESN4Developed so to answer to any inquiry concerning connections’ insulation, ESN4 taping machine is able to standardize this operation by a high speed and reliable semiautomatic process.
Once defined the tape length, the machine cuts and applies it to the connection covering it completely.