TermoGraffatrice ESS6

TermoGraffatrice ESS6

The ESS6 Thermo Crimping Machine has been developed to connect enamelled wires and cables normally used in the electromechanical industry for the construction of electric motors, transformers, coils, etc. The machine combines a high speed cycle with reliability and repetitiveness of the connecting process.
The process is based on the use of a clip, produced by the machine itself, as a connection support. Such clip is obtained from a copper strip covered with tin, available in different sections: 0,5x4mm, 0,5x5mm, 0,8x6mm. The thermo connection process ends with the clip crushing with application of pressure and heating, allowing to remove the enamel from the wires and compacts them with a cable into a single body with high mechanical and electrical features. At the end of the thermo connection process the excess part of wires and cables is cut by a special blade. All the Thermo Crimping Machine ESS6 functions are electronically controlled by Castech’s board “CST12-AA-00”. The electronic board manages all parameters concerning the connection and the machine’s movements, the interface is simple and intuitive thanks to the touch screen operation panel. The software is able to manage up to 249 programs with different power values, active and passive time, ramp time, number of repetitions, three different heating modes and sequence of programs. The mechanical part is made of easily replaceable independent and adjustable groups so to allow a quick service. Particular evidence has been given to the tooling groups with different diameters, that have been designed to allow their easy and fast replacement (about 5 minutes). The strip forward group allows now to use all types of plate with a simple manual adjustment.


Voltage:400 V (±5%) 50-60Hz
Working Pressure:6 Bar/0,6MP
Air Capacity Request:950 L/min
Heating Temperature: ~400°C
Programs Set:249
Copper strip dimensions:0,5x4; 0,5 x 5; 0,8x6; 1x8
Connections Range:Total section uo to 12mm²
Working Temperature Range:+10°C ÷ +40°C
Working Humidity Range:0% ÷ 85% without condensation
Dimensions: (LxPxH) mm 490x710x1480
Max. Power (duty factor): 2,3KVA (100%) 5,5KVA (50%)
Air Consumption:70L/min
Arms Closing Force:Air/Oli System max 470 Kg
Heating Time:Depends on kind of connection
Cycle Set:249
Crimp Time Forming:3” (average time)
Ø Crimp Range(Exthernal)3,5mm ÷ 10mm
Maximum Sonor LevelLwA 79 DBA

Accessories and Optionals

Chiller Model CHW 1.1 / CHW 2.6Free DownLoad
Smoke eater with or without Active Carbon filter
Lifting System Platform
Interchangeable tool bracket group (Ø 3,5, 4,0, 5,0, 6,0, 7,0, 8,0, 9,0, 10,0 mm)
2° Motore per regolazione automatica lunghezza piattina
Servo Electro-valve for heating Pressure Control
Adjustable Table
End strip sensor
Backup Key
Barcode reader
Led light
Software for remote desktop Machine ↔ PC
License for data storage (CSV file)
Software and license for remote assistance

Consumables and Spare Parts

Tin Copper Strip 0,5x4; 0,5x5; 0,8x6; 1x 8Free DownLoad
Piattina in rame incrudito e stagnato 0,5x4; 0,5x5; 0,8x6; 1x 8Free DownLoad
Upper and Lower ToolsFree DownLoad
Tools holding Parts
Copper Strip knifeFree DownLoad
Triming bladeFree DownLoad
Componets and TablesLogin DownLoad


Machine BrochureDownload
Checking Connections Form
Components Tables
Specifiction abouth the connections Trials